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commercial kitchen equipment By Al-quresh
commercial kitchen equipment By Al-quresh

Al Quresh Kitchen

UAE’s Best commercial kitchen equipment supplier with outstanding maintenance services at reasonable price.

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Kitchen Maintenance

Al-Quresh kitchen provides almost every single services related to kitchens we help our customers with our kitchen maintenance services to keep their kitchen clean and provide their equipment longer life as well as their kitchen .

Used Kitchen Equipment

We provide used Kitchen equipment services so you can buy old equipment's at lowest price at Al-Quresh with rental services too and with that we even check our equipment's before giving it to customers to keep our customers happy

Interior Design

Al-Quresh provides interior design services with the tremendous interior designs we have done a great number of interior work for big commercial places and brands

Kitchen Equipment's

Al-Quresh kitchen is a wholesale supplier of kitchen equipment's and we provide ever equipment at wholesale price for commercial places we even work at demand and sell equipment at demand

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Kitchen Maintenance and Cleaning services

With equipment supplier we also help our customers to maintain their big kitchens by providing our maintenance and cleaning services including tilling celling and plumbing services & electrical services with our certified and experienced engineer and workers. 

Kitchen Equipment Repairing

As a equipment supplier we are expert and certified in kitchen equipment with us we have skilled engineer and worker to take care of equipment’s hardware electric and mechanical problem you can hire us to keep your kitchen equipment maintained and also to repair your equipment we are just a call away.

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Best Commercial kitchen equipment supplier

Used and New Commercial Kitchen Equipment at best prices.

AL-Quresh Kitchen is a commercial kitchen equipment supplier and  also one of the leading kitchen services provider 

We offer all kitchen equipment at wholesale price also provides the equipment’s not mentioned in the website call us for query . As of services we provide kitchen cleaning with every new technique also equipment maintanance repairing services by industry most experienced and skilled engineers and with that electrical interior services are also one of our highly recommended services by our customers  

Reasons to choose Al-Quresh


our succes reord is a security that hiring us will make a great outcome.


 we are trusted by thousands as their commercial kitchen supplier and mainance contractor.


As of now our company experience has reached of at the number successful 14 years.


we are a certified commercial kitchen supplier and maintenance contractor agency of UAE.


Almost half 50% of people who hire us always rehire us because of our work Quality.


As of our services this Company is handled by People who are Experienced in all the services we offer.

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High Quality

We always seel quality products as result our 70% customers contact us for more equipment .

Fast Delivery

We are UAE's one of the fastest equipment delivery commercial kitchen equipment suppliers

Best Warranty

We keep our warranty if the warranty is given the product will be repaired at our cost