Electric Equipment repair and Maintenance services

Electrical repairing & maintenance work for commercial kitchens for restaurants, cafes, bakeries & hotels

Panel Box & DB Box installation, repair, and maintenance. Everything you need, in one place. Power failures and voltage fluctuations are a common phenomenon still, they can result in extreme damage without proper electrical equipment set in place. Panel and DB box help in distributing and balancing the voltage at your commercial kitchen premises. This equipment requires at-least yearly or half-yearly servicing to keep the operations running smoothly without any electrical hiccup.
The major problem is, where to find the right electrical panel boards & DB box repairing and maintenance service providers? It is the Al-Qureshi kitchen equipment supplier. Elements like water, dust, extreme temperatures, high humidity levels can affect the electrical systems. Our professional and experienced electricians check every part of the panel and DB box including the wiring for faults. All this is done to ensure that your kitchen works as smoothly as possible without any glitches.

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