Hot-line / Warming Kitchen Equipment's

The hot range of equipment is the backbone of every commercial kitchen. At AL-Qureshi you will get access to the complete set of cooking tools to attain efficiency and deliver top quality food. We have two, four, six, and eight burner stovetops in different diameter sizes; two or more slots deep fryer in UAE. salamander broilers, rice boiler & titling, etc. Every piece of equipment is necessary for running an industrial kitchen as each tool has a different purpose. Salamander broilers cook food items at high energy and are considered perfect for kitchens with space concerns. Fryers are available in electric and gas models to dish out delicious fried chicken, crispy onion rings, mouth-watering potato fries, and much more. Hot plates are available in assorted sizes based on the kitchen utensils. AL-Qureshi is considered as the leader in the food industry for being a trustworthy commercial kitchen and hot range suppliers in UAE. It is a chain people trust blindly for providing quality equipment.

With Different Different Cooking categories you will get different gas deep fryers Salamanders and those collections have plenty of options to choose according to your range you can choose your deep fryers and many things.